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This is the Site for the Precious Gem Court of Groove PhiGroove Social Fellowship, Inc., Red Hawk Chapter. Please note that this site infromation changes every 2 weeks, thusconstant visitation is required and preferred.

A Gem is considered by the members of this orginaztion as little sisters that keepus on point. These ladies were originally Groove Sweethearts, which are ladies exclusive to the Swankman duning the intake process. Sweethearts act as both mental rocks and task facilitators for the line, thus gaining a warm spot in the heart of every brave manonline for Groove at the time. Depending on the time of year and campus, the roles a Sweetheart posesses differ from time to time, but the basics are still the same wherever one goes. The intake process of any NJ Chapter of G Phi G can be very strenuous from the begining;it eases the heart of a Swanksman if he could smile just once a day. Sweethearts provide that, along as many otherpleasures.

Once the intake process is over, selected Sweethearts are designated to become Gems. Selection is based on one major aspect: how much and to what extent a Sweetheart has aided the former Swanksman. No type of orginazation wants members that would tarnish the group's reputation or hinder growth; the same goesto this one. Like anyone else, we show love to all that show the same to us. Gems are held dear to the hearts of all Brothers new and old ( and yes, they get more props then Sweethearts), hence the name Precious Gems.

I was initally going to post some photos to start, so here's a few.
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Huron, Isha,And Coco
Three Gems of the Spring 97 line, one of which is now an AKA.

This is one of the gems who is now a member of Swing Phi Swing!

Tasha is now one of the cheerleaders of the NY Knicks.

One of the Spring 97 Gems also invovled in both Student Government and Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business fraternity.

Head of the Class
#1 of the Fall 97 line,
and a NJ State licenced EMT

Yet another one of the Fall 97 Gems, Jon'ai.

Spring 97

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-Witchdoctor 5/1/99