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Welcome to the introduction page of the 'names project'. This site was created by Fl. Witchdoctor of the Red Hawk Chapter of Groove Phi Groove, S.F.I. as a test site and is by no means accurate. I have purposely left many blanks throughout this site to encourage feedback from brothers.

The design of this site is simple. There are links at the frame to the Left. Select a chapter, and the information will pop up in the following format:

Chapter name


Date of conception

Brief history



In the "lineage" part of the page, the names are listed in 4 columns:

Line Name    Real Name    Date Crossed    Current Chapter Affiliation

For those of you who were familiar with the original layout, you may find this new floor plan much more friendly to the eye. For the others, I have tried to list the names in chronological order to the best of my abilities.  I do know, however that there may be mistakes in these pages; I am not opposed to any corrections.

Well, you may begin at any time. If there are any concerns, comments, or questions, feel free to email me at

This page was created on 4/13/00 and last updated on August 31, 2000. There will be no more updates on this site, but feel free to contact me if you want more current info.