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Mother Bear

Morgan State University



This is the site of the beginning of this organization. It's on this campus that 14 young men began to make a difference, providing an alternative to the "Black Greeks". Check this page out  for the full story as told by founder John Conquest. 

FOUNDER Glen Brown Fall 62
FOUNDER Raymond Clark Fall 62
FOUNDER John Conquest Fall 62
FOUNDER Walter Goodwin Fall 62
FOUNDER Barry Hampton Fall 62
FOUNDER James Hill Fall 62
FOUNDER Charles Johnson Fall 62
FOUNDER Nathaniel Monroe Fall 62
FOUNDER David Nesbitt Fall 62
FOUNDER Nathaniel Parham, Sr. Fall 62
FOUNDER Harry Paine Fall 62
FOUNDER Robert Simpson Fall 62
FOUNDER Barry Simms Fall 62
FOUNDER Woodrow Williams Fall 62
Michael X. Cage 68
Derek L. Hall 69
Peacock John L. Walters 74
Good Rev. Doctor Seymour Chambers Spring 97
Bold & the Beautiful Kevin Bradley Spring 97
Dr. Know Dave Smith Spring 97
The Rock Paul Shelby Spring 97
Missing Link Patrick Cheah Spring 99
Sho Nuff James Hawkins Fall 99
Stone Cold Damon Bennett Fall 99
Dr. Spock William Nelson Spring 00
Warren W. Wright Jr. 1983 PITTSBURGH GRADUATE
Benjamin R. Washington, Jr. 1969 BALTIMORE/COLUMBIA
John W. Johnson, Jr. 1984 New York City Grad.
Franklin L. Hubbard 1970 Baltimore/Columbia Grad
Stephen B. Conwell 1974 Philadelphia Grad.
Hilbert Tirner
Micheal Seney 1979 Philadelphia Grad.
Andrew F. Hayes 1969
Jonathan S. Stanley 1977 BALTIMORE/COLUMBIA
Bruce A. Hinton 1968
Kevin B. Givens 1981 Baltimore/Columbia Graduate Chapter
Lawrence W. Buck 1969
Kenneth T. Gill 1968
Clarence Davis 1965 BALTIMORE/COLUMBIA
Benjamin Fernadez 1969 BALTIMORE/COLUMBIA
Dwight D. Hayes 1972
Harold Paul Shelby 1997
William C. Womble, Jr. 1966
Dr. Preston T. Hebron, Jr. 1963 Baltimore/Columbia
Maxwell H. Wright 1985
Derrick L. Callis 1981
Ralph Williams 1979 BALTIMORE/COLUMBIA
Dr. Kenneth Mosley 1966
Barry Purnell 1963
William C. Randall 1964 Atlanta Graduate
Leslie Wilson 1987
Kimmy Rick Hall 1972
Russell Williams Baltimore/Graduate Chapter
Gordon Williams 1971 Baltimore/Columbia Graduate Chapter
Douglas C. Daniel 1973
Larry Owens 1969
James E. McCleary 1968
Vincent K. Ramsey 1977
Donald Ford 1965
Stanley Waters 1968
Shakim Dale 1996
Tyrone R. Seymore 1962
Nathaniel Parham, Jr. 1988
Wellington T. Mathews, Jr. 1971
Arthur Rippy 1995
Jesse Whittington 1963 f