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Red Hawk Chapter

Montclair State University  

Upper Montclair, NJ

Founded March 25th, 1995 Chartered July 1995

This chapter was founded through the aid of the undergraduate chapters at Kean University and Rutgers University-Newark, guided under the the supervision of the New Jersey Graduate chapter. Since then, the chapter has conducted a host of activities over the years, including a recent groundbreaking step show on the campus of Montclair State. For more information, please check out their web site at the URL listed above.


Roughneck Mustafa Abdula Spring 95
Sonic Boom Haison Fasion Spring 95
Untoughable Eddie Edward Greene Spring 95
Attitude Michael Green Spring 95 NJ Grad
Slient But Deadly Paul Ramdial Spring 95
Honoarable Omar Redding Omar Redding Spring 95
Blacklout Joseph Bass Summer 95 Same
Ileagal Edward Bunt Summer 95
Renegade Bishera Abdul Hamid Summer 95
Dr. Mindbender Patrick Gregroire Spring 96
Ottis Spring 96
Nightcrawler Cran Kelsick Spring 96
Witchdoctor Wilel Fanfan Spring 97 Same
Dramatic John Green Spring 97 Same
Iron Lung Robert J. Murray Fall 97 Same
Hydro C. Antoine Thomas Fall 97
Cardiac Jameel Q. Matthews Fall 97 Same
Osirus Khari Thomas Fall 97
Capone Patrick Perciose Fall 97 Same
Nailz Jarrod Matthews Winter 99 Same