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Last Updated Feb. 14,2000

The Red Hawk Chapter is one of the recent additions to Groove Phi Groove We are located in Montclair State University up in Northern New Jersey, the state which is known nationally as the home of the "Iron Swanxman". Chartered in 1995 by both the university and the National Groove Phi Groove office, we represent on this campus the ideas on which Groove Phi Groove was founded just a few decades ago. There are over 20 Fellowmen in this chapter as of now who have entered the realm of Groove Phi here at Montclair State , but we have brothers all over the state and nation. Furthermore, this number grows as the semesters fly by.

This web site has been created to provide the world a look in the life of Grooves as seen here at MSU. We have been the underdogs from the begining, but that worries us not. To us, we feel that those 'black greek' oginazations were formed believing in a lie.... but it would be rude to continue this on the intorduction page.

 This site is constantly being updated; this site still grows with time.

That is all for now.

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